Chilicon Power was founded under the premises of sustainable organic growth from a business standpoint.

Our microinverter and Gateway are designed in California and also manufactured in California.

Having been involved with generously financed startups in the past, the founders know the inefficiencies that can develop and the further reality that often a small core group provide the ‘heavy lifting’ for the rest of the enterprise. Chilicon Power is afforded tremendous flexibility through this approach. For example, the original company focus was on ‘nano-inverters’ for building integrated photovoltaic modules. We actually developed prototypes, however, when that market did not materialize we modified the plan to refocus on building the world’s highest efficiency 60-cell module inverter.

We also believe that solar energy is a 20+ year trend that is only just beginning. A resident of Southern California need only look across the sun drenched roof line of their neighborhood or office to grasp the opportunity. Therefore, our business, like our products, is based on sustainability.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve your energy project needs and will continue our effort to deliver ever higher levels of technology to the renewables industry.